27 Oct/22
18:00 - 19:00 (CET)

News from the Lab | Accelerating Innovation with CERN



CERN technology in accelerators, detectors and computing has found its way into a wide range of applications outside the field of High Energy Physics. Many startups, companies and institutes are using know-how and technology from CERN to advance innovation in various markets, ranging from healthcare to quantum and from environment to aerospace.

In this talk, Han Dols will explain how CERN aims to help serendipity in order to find more innovation opportunities for companies, regardless if these are young startups or established corporations. This talk is the first of a series of presentations on innovation and knowledge transfer activities at CERN. Later in the year, we will go more in-depth in sessions centred around healthcare, digital, quantum, aerospace, environment and entrepreneurship.

About Speaker

Han Dols is heading the Business Development & Entrepreneurship Section at CERN. He is responsibility for building industrial strategic partnerships, innovation alliances, and for the entrepreneurship activities. Aim is to accelerate innovation together with the most innovative companies and start-ups by leveraging the wide range of hardware and software technologies at CERN. He has been driving innovation in various management roles and industries, and has a background in physics, business development and marketing strategy. Han studied physics and computer science at TU Delft and is an alumnus of IMD, University of California and the Frankfurt School of Management and Finance.

About Moderator

Liselott Fredriksson works as Analyst at the International Energy Agency in Paris. Her role focuses on facilitating international collaboration on energy research and technology, as well as advancing gender diversity within the energy sector. Prior to this, Liselott worked for two years on knowledge transfer activities at CERN. Her earlier work experiences focused mainly on research and innovation policy. Liselott has studied economics and business administration at Hanken School of Economics in her native-country Finland.