13 Oct/22
09:00 - 17:30

KT Training Session on “Finding Happiness in Patent Information Databases”

13 October: KT Training Session on “Finding Happiness in Patent Information Databases”


Are you interested in learning more about the IP and patent aspect of knowledge transfer at CERN? Do you need to be up to date with the research in a particular field in order to solve engineering problems or to identify areas requiring further research? Or do you need to find industrial or academic partners in a specific field?


If you answered yes to any of the above, the upcoming Finding Happiness in Patent Information Databases course could be useful for you.


This course will cover the fundamentals of Intellectual Property and patents while explaining how patent information data sources and search tools can increase your knowledge of the state of the art in your field. You will also become more familiar with the services offered by CERN's Knowledge Transfer (KT) group.


Description of the course:

·Brief introduction to knowledge transfer at CERN

·Fundamentals of intellectual property and patents

·Anatomy of a patent vs scientific publication: exercise

·Patent classification: exercises

·Introduction to publicly accessible patent information databases : exercises

·Searching public access patent information databases (Espacenet and Google Patents): exercises

·Data analysis on patent information: exercises

·Q&A and wrap-up


The next course is taking place on 13 Oct 2022 and the enrolment deadline is 7 Oct 2022. For more information and to sign-up please see the training catalogue