9 Jul/24
16:00 - 17:00 (CET)

HEPTrepreneurs Episode 15



HEPTrepreneurs is the online series of events organised by HEPTech and GSI in collaboration with CERN dedicated to all members and partners of the network. The series focusses of High Energy Physics Entrepreneurship and covers various themes. The inspirational and interactive talks, round tables and keynotes are made for all those interested in entrepreneurship, but also for young people who want to know more about alternatives careers to research and for technology transfer officers looking for people to inspire. The meetings will include a presentation, a Q&A session and offers possibilities for networking.

HEPTrepreneurs Episode 15

Type: Technical Talk/career opportunity and Q&A.

Title: How to build a Deep Tech Venture in 12 Months - Learnings from a Deep Tech Venture Builder

Speaker: Joris Jansens, HighTechXL


Joris Jansens is Tech Scout & Venture Support Manager of HighTechXL - a Deep Tech Venture Builder. HighTechXL starts at the foundation and builds an investable deep tech venture in 12 months time. Joris and team assess promising technologies for applications and economic and impact potential. Joris is driven to find the best deep tech to help ventures make a positive impact on the world.

Content of the webinar:

Unique insights into the commercialization of deep tech.
How a Deep Tech Venture Builder help their ventures deal with all the uncertainties.
The importance of building an ecosystem around your venture to ensure fast and sustainable growth.

More information and Registration link: here