7 Jul/17
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7 July 2017 - Early-Career Researchers in Medical Applications @ CERN


CERN - Council Room

7 July 2017 - Early-Career Researchers in Medical Applications @ CERN

CERN seeks to answer fundamental questions about the Universe, and this mission naturally contributes to advancing the frontiers of technology. State-of-the-art techniques developed for particle accelerators, detectors, and physics computing have applications beyond the high-energy physics community in the medical eld.

These applications now have an essential role in clinical practices and medical research centres: from imaging devices, accelerator- technology dedicated to cancer therapy, to simulations and data science tools.

This knowledge transfer from the high-energy physics community to innovation in other elds is an inherent component of CERN’s mission and culture. It fuels scienti c collaboration and technological advances, and drives innovation. In addition, it motivates future generations of scientists, and contributes to the public awareness of the impact of fundamental science.

This series of short talks will showcase the diverse medical applications that arise from technology developed at CERN and in high-energy physics.

Attendance is open to all without registration.