World-class expertise in the design of technologies to accelerate, measure and control particle beams.

CERN's Know-How:

  • World’s largest group of accelerator physicists & engineers 
  • Decades of experience in the simulation, design & construction of accelerating structures
  • Development of bespoke hardware and software for acceleration, diagnostics & beam control

Facts & Figures:

  • 11,245: number of times per second that each proton goes around the LHC
  • 2,556: number of bunches per proton beam in the LHC
  • 10+ hrs: lifetime of a proton beam during stable operation of the LHC
  • 10+ billion: number of kilometres a proton beam will travel during stable operation of the LHC

Value Proposition:

Read more about Particle Acceleration and Control here.

Some projects applying these tools: 
  • Bringing Portable Accelerators Into Museums
    A portable RFQ acclerator expects to open up for new possibilities in art studies.

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