Novel fabrication methods and analysis procedures for materials operating at the extremes of precision and endurance.

CERN's Know-How:

  • Design, development and assessment of materials and coatings operating in extreme environments (temperature, magnetism, vacuum, and radiation)
  • Decades of accumulated expertise in advanced material characterization and analysis
  • Training of students and fellows in international collaborations since early 1990s

Facts & Figures:

  • -271.3 °C: operating temperature of LHC magnets
  • 693 MJ: the anticipated energy of the circulating High Luminosity LHC particle beams...equivalent to an Airbus A320 flying at 520 km/h, concentrated in the diameter of a pencil lead!
  • Down to 10-12 mbar: pressure in LHC beam pipes (equal to the dark side of the moon)
  • 8.33 T: magnetic field strength of LHC dipole magnets

Value Proposition:

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