CERNs knowhow and experience with ‘big data’ analysis for high energy physics and control of systems used in the LHC.

CERN's Know-How:

  • Cern's experiments probing the fundamental nature of the universe creates 1 PB/sec —roughly four times that held in the US Library of Congress
  • About 1 million CPU cores worldwide are used to process and analyse all data from LHC, using advanced data analytics
  • Additionally, online and offline analysis of the data acquired from each of the 20,000 devices that monitor and control the CERN complex 

Facts & Figures:

  • >10 PB/month of  data selected by trigger mechanisms and stored in CERN Data Center
  • 170 Data Centers worldwide at which LHC data analysis is being done
  • >250 PB CERN Data Center storing all physics data for analysis
  • >1000 PB of ROOT data

Value Proposition:

Read more about Data Analytics here.

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