CERN’s unique knowhow derived from 60 years of designing, installing and operating the world’s largest cryogenics installation.

CERN's Know-How:

  • Design, integration and operation of large scale cryogenic systems, with proven track record on safety and reliability
  • Long history of designing, engineering and operating cryogenic installations
  • Cryolab with a full spectrum of testing and qualifying capability for equipment and R&D operations

Facts & Figures:

  • Operating temperature of 1.9 K, colder than space, across large LHC volume and distances
  • Total of 40,000 leak-tight seals applied in LHC design
  • 2,000 thermometric systems (installed every 20 m in 27 km cryogenic installation)
  • 170 tons of helium safely installed and maintained

Value Proposition:

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