Cooling and Ventilation

Expertise in procurement, installation, operation & maintenance of large cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems for complex structures.

CERN's know-how

  • CV systems (air & water) for all accelerator and experiments, mainly in large interconnected spaces
  • Expertise for designing large scale cascading pressure systems to ensure safety
  • Expertise in the design of CV systems for the removal of high heat loads

Value Proposition

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Key Competences

Pressure Cascade Management

The LHC is a very large, complex underground system of interconnected spaces. In order to secure safety, any risks related to fire, smoke, radiation and gas need to be mitigated. This is secured by a complex system that ensures, monitors and controls pressure differences across tunnels and caverns. A few specifications:

  • 50 MW of cooling per point, designed as tailored solution for CERN
  • 150 cooling plants
  • 1500 ventilation systems
  • 7600 different industrial CV components
  • 800 km of CV piping