The CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme (CESP) 2020

We are inviting Master level students, in teams or individual, for the CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme (CESP) 2020 program. 

If you are a Master level student and want to use machine learning in your new start-up, imagine spending 5 weeks at CERN to develop and grow your start-up idea! We encourage you to apply as a team of 2-4 students. If you do not have a team, you can apply as an individual too. 

Throughout CESP, the successful applicants will work with CERN experts to develop strategies for new ventures solving problems already discovered by the applicants. During the programme, your team will develop a plan on how to build and grow your new venture with the assistance of CERN experts in machine learning as well as CERN Knowledge Transfer professionals. 

Programme outline

CESP will run from 20 July to 21 August 2020. During the first weeks, you will meet with experts at CERN and further develop your product-market fit. The weeks will mostly consist of project work with input from technical exerts, in addition to a few lectures on technology entrepreneurship. During the final week, you will deliver a final presentation to potential incubators, accelerators and/or investors. The goal is to be ready for start-up incubation after the programme is finished.


Application and selection process

Please read the full Terms & Conditions and instructions for application. On these links you will also find practical information about the programme.



CESP is a CERN & Society Foundation project funded by Arconic Foundation. 

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