BIC Network

CERN has established a network of nine Business Incubation Centres (BICs) throughout its Member States, to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses in taking CERN technologies and expertise to the market.

In practice, CERN supports the selected companies through technical visits to CERN, technical consultancy and services, and preferential rate licensing of CERN intellectual property. The BIC managers provide office-space, expertise, business support, access to local and national networks, and support in accessing finance.

Please find the criterias for becoming a BIC of CERN technologies here.


How can companies enter a CERN BIC?

Are you an entrepreneur or a start-up company? Could CERN technology solve your needs? Perhaps you qualify to enter a CERN BIC. Here is how to find out.

1) Browsing

Most of the CERN Technology Portfolio is presented online. Browse through it, see if you find what you are looking for. No luck? Get in touch with the Knowledge Transfer Group.

2) First contact

Get in touch with the BIC you want to join. After a first screening you will be put in touch with CERN.

3) Technology match

Together with CERN experts you will get to know the technology better, making sure it suits your needs.

4) Official application

Each BIC has its own tailored application process.


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