Spanish BIC of CERN technologies


The latest Business Incubation Centre of CERN technologies (BIC) agreement was signed on October 19th in conjunction with the Spanish Association of Science Industry INEUSTAR.

INEUSTAR is a non-profit, nationwide, private industrial association. One of its main objectives is the promotion of new activities in the domain of the so-called Science Industry based on knowledge and experiences originating from that sector.

The agreement follows the establishment of BICs in seven other CERN Member States: the UK, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Greece, France and Finland.

As its predecessors, the BIC will support businesses and entrepreneurs in developing innovative ideas in fields broadly related to CERN activities – bridging the gap between fundamental scientific research and industry.

The CERN Knowledge Transfer group works with INEUSTAR as a bridge towards different existing Business Incubator Centres across Spain to encourage entrepreneurs to turn technology developed at CERN into useful, marketable products and services.

This collaboration will involve the identification and selection of companies applying to the BIC to ensure that only the best proposals, compatible with CERN's mission and values, are accepted.

CERN will contribute with the transfer of knowledge and know-how through technical visits to CERN, support to the centre and its incubatees and access to CERN intellectual property at preferential rates.