The CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation (CIJ) has published a new, special issue dedicated to “Experiments in an organizational context”. You are invited to browse its contents at


Guest editors of this special issue:

John Christiansen (Copenhagen Business School),

Julian Birkinshaw (London Business School),

Pascal Le Masson (MINES ParisTech - PSL Research University) and

Saku J. Mäkinen (Tampere University of Technology/CERN).


The special edition is described by the editors in the following way:

This special issue helps to shed new light on a large variety of methods, such as a method to learn from experiments driven by a company itself or a method to extend results from lab experiments to organisational situation. The papers illustrate how management science is able to articulate theoretical construction and empirical research through a variety of experimental approaches.

The CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation was launched in July 2017 as a multi-disciplinary, open access, on-line only journal devoted to the latest research and theory development in in-situ innovation experimentation, strategic innovation management, knowledge exchange and management and innovation policy issues in cross-sections of science, technology, innovation, and business. Inspired by the research and innovation driven setting of a lab like CERN, the intent of CIJ is to be intellectually challenging by providing evidence-based results that guide decision-making in managing innovations.” explained Saku Makinen, Vice dean for research at the Tampere University of Technology and editor in-chief of CIJ in the Journal’s Inaugural editorial.

CIJ wants to put emphasis on experimenting and innovating new ideas, solutions, and to learn from what works and what not. We believe that a strong theoretical grounding and a solid, sound empirical design is the cornerstone in building new path-creating and path–breaking cumulative knowledge in innovation.


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Tuesday, 6 February, 2018

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