CERN manages large quantities of data regularly which is crucial for many aerospace applications: from astrophysics and Earth observation, to traffic control and aircraft engines performance monitoring

Euclid, ESA’s space mission to study the nature of dark matter and energy, is a prime example. This single space mission is expected to generate an enormous amount of data, later collected on the ground by ESA’s largest antenna and then distributed to a network of science data centres in nine different countries. In order to share software and codes in such a big data environment, the Euclid Consortium will use a CERN-developed system called CernVM-FS (CERN Virtual Machine File System).

Clean and safe aviation

In the field of aviation, two start-ups affiliated to the French Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technologies will use CERN-developed software tools for their business:

  • SAFETYN aims to improve safety for general aviation and reduce the number of accidents and fatalities by using the ROOT data processing framework.
  • NOVPOWER plans to use C2MON (CERN Control and Monitoring Platform) to monitor operating parameters of its optimised electric propulsion systems for light aviation.