prototype Roebel cable to be used to wind a HTS accelerator demonstration dipole
This is a prototype Roebel cable to be used to wind a HTS accelerator demonstration dipole, a first of its kind, within the scope of EuCARD2 WP10 (Future Magnets). The strips are stainless steel and copper, but the final one will be an HTS tape (YBCO) and copper. This prototype cable was manufactured by KIT within the scope of EuCARD2. (Image: CERN)
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High five for CERN European Union projects

All five CERN-coordinated projects submitted to the “Horizon 2020” Research Infrastructure calls have been approved for funding, a first for CERN

CERN designs a mould for mass production of face shields

An open hardware CERN design is helping people with hearing loss during the COVID-19 pandemic

Inspiring the next generation of technical entrepreneurs

The third edition of the CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme, organised by CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group, comes to a successful end.

New 3D colour X-rays made possible with CERN technology

Stunning new images pave the way to large-scale human trials, two years on from the first ever 3D colour human X-ray using CERN Medipix3 technology

CERN air-quality data analysis spin-off raises 1.2 million euros in funding

In 2020, PlanetWatch joined the French Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technologies and raised 1.2 million euros in funding.