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Performing tests at CERN- Super Proton Synchrotron was a very exciting and path-breaking experience. The facilities at CERN enabled simulating ultra-high energy similar to cosmic ray spectrum whose effects have never been experimentally measured on the ground before. Véronique Ferlet-Cavrois, Head of ESA’s Power Systems, EMC and Space Environments divisionWe are glad that the ADVACAM technology to detect radiation in space, was made possible because of our long-term successful cooperation with international Medipix2 and Medipix3 collaborations coordinated at CERN. Jan Sohar, ADVACAM CEOUsing CERN technologies like C2MON helps us get closer to our goal of making environmental monitoring global and powered by citizens. Also, being part of the French Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technologies, opens up new doors for Planetwatch. Claudio Parrinello, PlanetWatch CEO & FounderWe strive to constantly improve the treatment for our patients and thus also our technology. In this process, the expertise of CERN specialists is an indispensable asset for us. MedAustron teamCNAO and CERN have always successfully collaborated. CERN support and know-how is fundamental to achieve CNAO goals: clinical research, staff training and patient treatment. CNAO groupTogether with CERN we are achieving incredible innovation. CERN’s Medipix3 chip made it possible for us to get the first ever 3D colour x-ray of a human with CERN technology.  Professor Athony Butler, president medical at MARS Bioimaging Ltd, Consultant radiologist at Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand

At Bundesdruckerei, we are proud to cooperate with the leading institute in basic research in particle physics and to benefit from CERN’s unique know-how. Dr. Manfred Paeschke, Head of Innovations and Chief Visionary Officer at Bundesdruckerei


We are energised and enthusiastic about our ongoing successful collaboration with CERN. The Timepix3 license helps our research-focused academic customers to spark breakthrough discoveries and advance science in a faster pace