Project Description: 

CERN has developed, for the needs of its scientific programme, a stepping motor drive with unique capabilities. This drive can operate in either standard micro-stepping mode or, when a position sensor is available, in closed-loop position control mode.  

It is capable of highly repeatable positioning with low mechanical overshoot and vibrations and its positioning performance is unchanged with any length of cable up to 1000m which makes this drive well suited for very harsh environments (radioactive, underwater, high temperatures, cabled inspection robotsetc.).

In addition, it is capable of switching online from closed-loop position control to stepper mode in the event of a sensor failure without changing position.

Finally, it can either be incorporated into a large scale, multiaxis control system acting as a slave to a master controller, or it can be used as a standalone position controller capable of acquiring limit and homing switches, and performing trajectory generation.

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