Single layer 3D tracking semiconductor detector

This technology is a pixel detector composed of a semiconductor sensor layer in which charges are generated by the interaction with charged particles and an array of read-out circuits (pixels) for detecting signals indicative of charges generated in the corresponding volume of the sensor. The time difference information between neighbouring pixels is used to determine the direction of particle. This information combined with the two-dimensional information obtained in the pixelated array make it possible to reconstruct a three-dimensional image of the particle track.

Area of expertise

Micro-electronics, silicon detectors

Advantages & Applications


  • Particle tracking and dose deposition for hadron therapy
  • Compton camera applications such as PET
  • X-ray polarimetry


This invention provides a three-dimensional image of a charged particle using:

  • a single semiconductor detector layer
  • with low power consumption


This invention does not provide precise absolute time stamp information.

Patent filed (filing date: 21 September 2011)
Year Filed