Project Description: 

Quantum Dosimetry is a novel invention comprising a method, software and apparatus to determine dose, dose rate and composition of radiation. The Quantum Dosimeter can identify and categorize the individual radiation quanta by recognizing the patterns of the particles detected using a silicon pixel detector such as Medipix or Timepix. The method allows separation of different constituents of radiation, such as electrons, photons, alpha particles, neutrons, ions, muons, and others. It can also determine an energy estimate of the total deposited energy for each of the detected radiation quanta and then compute the contribution of each radiation category to the total effective radiation dose. The invention was made in the framework of the Medipix 2 Collaboration.

The technology is being used for measuring radiation in the ATLAS cavern.



Intellectual Property status


  • Technology jointly owned by CERN and Czech Technical University. PCT application filed in 2007
  • Prototypes of the Quantum Dosimeter have been built and testing of the invention is being done in the LHC tunnel
  • Licenses and know-how on the Quantum Dosimetry can be offered

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