Project Description: 

This technology is a high performance time to digital converter ASIC chip for use in applications requiring precise time-tagging of electronic signals, e.g. for electron and photon detection in medical imaging, laser ranging, life science or material research. This so-called HPTDC ASIC allows precise time-tagging of up to 32 input channels relative to an external clock reference of 40MHz. Based on an integrated clock multiplying Phase Locked Loop (PLL), a 32-channel Delay Locked Loop (DLL) with integrated RC-delay lines provides time interpolation down to 25ps.

At CERN this technology is widely used in high resolution mode in time-of-flight particle detectors in LHC experiments (ALICE TOF) and in low resolution for drift based muon detectors (CMS DT) and a multitude of other experiments at CERN (NA48) and outside CERN (STAR, BES, OKU, KABES, HADES).

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