Project Description: 

C2MON is a modular Java framework for fast building, highly available, large-scale industrial monitoring and control solutions. It has been developed for CERN’s demanding infrastructure monitoring needs and is based on more than 10 years of experience with the Technical Infrastructure Monitoring (TIM) systems at CERN.

C2MON provides a simple and intuitive data subscription API with integrated history browsing capabilities that can be used to form the basis for industrial dashboards and other graphical monitoring applications. It also provides powerful and configurable filtering mechanisms, essential for finetuning data flow and preventing data burst situations, thereby ensuring network stability and reliability.

C2MON is built on a three-tier architecture: Data Acquisition, Server and Client API. This architecture conveniently decouples functionality and allows modular development to fit particular needs.

The platform supplies all core functionalities of a monitoring system while being extensible and adaptable to a wide variety of monitoring requirements. This is made possible by the modular, clusterable server architecture which benefits from a distributed in-memory cache. Sudden and unforeseen machine breakdowns or scheduled upgrades of any part of the system are handled in a transparent manner without service discontinuity. 


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