Ranveig STROM
Communication and Marketing Assistant

Ranveig joined the KT group as an administrative student in February 2017, working in marketing and communication.

With a strong interest for technology management and new business development, Ranveig is about to graduate from the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship – focusing her Master’s Thesis on how organisations can search for alternative commercial application areas of developed technology. In addition, she has completed Entrepreneurship courses at UC Berkeley, doing a deep dive into the Silicon Valley start-up scene, while also being a Business Development intern for a start-up in San Francisco.

Parallel to her studies, Ranveig was involved in several start-ups, giving her a hands-on experience in business development, as well as holding positions in various entrepreneurship oriented organisations. Specifically, she has worked as an entrepreneurial supervisor for students with business ideas, as project manager for a handful of events in the intersection of climate and entrepreneurship, as leader of a local branch of the student organisation Start Norway, as well as board member of Start Norway. Through these positions, Ranveig has obtained practical experience within a wide range of fields: business development, project management, strategy, team work, public speaking, and design thinking.

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