Knowledge Transfer Officer

Henrik joined the KT group as a Knowledge Transfer Officer in February 2016, with main responsibility for accelerator technologies.

Henrik holds a master’s degree in physics from NTNU, Norway, specialising in particle physics and accelerator applications. Parts of his degree were taken at UoA, New Zealand, and he carried out his master’s research at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, U.S., studying medical applications of advanced accelerator concepts. 

In 2012, Henrik interned at Innovation House, a Silicon Valley-based incubator for Norwegian startups, and became increasingly involved in one of the startups (Elliptic Labs), for which he eventually worked full time. Henrik was involved in a wide array of entrepreneurship aspects, such as business development and strategy, investor contact, and in particular IP economics. After graduating in early 2014, Henrik worked for two years in Accenture, an IT consultancy, gaining experience in product development, system implementation, and project management.

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