Bernard DENIS
KT Senior Adviser

Bernard Denis has more than 10 years experience in innovation, intellectual property and knowledge transfer. He joined the Technology Transfer group of CERN in 2005 as section leader with responsibilities for all technology transfer operational activities. In 2007, Bernard was appointed deputy group leader. He is a founding member of the High Energy Physics Technology Transfer Network (HEPTech) regrouping the TT Offices of institutes active in High Energy Physics.

In 2012, Bernard was seconded to the European Commission. He joined the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer unit of DG Joint Research Centre (JRC) where he first provided expert advice for the IPR strategy of the Galileo Satellite Navigation programme. In 2014, he was appointed head of the Technology Transfer sector of the JRC. He proposed a new EC technology transfer strategy adopted by the Board of Directors and organized summer schools for young professionals of TTO in Eastern countries.  

Bernard is now back at CERN and provides advice to members of the KT group, in particular on operational aspects. He is accredited Registered Technology Transfer Professional by the Alliance of Technology Transfer Association (ATTP). In May 2016, he became a member of the Professional Development Committee of ASTP-Proton.

Bernard regularly acts as an expert for WIPO in technology transfer fact-finding missions and capacity building workshops. He also acted as international evaluator of project proposals for the establishment of Technology Transfer Centres in the Czech Republic.

Before working in the area of knowledge transfer and innovation, Bernard has been working in various positions at CERN including IT project leader for the development of the SPS and LEP accelerators control systems and deputy group leader of the unit in charge of the CERN outsourcing policy.

He has an engineering background in electromechanics, an MBA and an Advanced Diploma in Management Consultancy from the Henley Management College. He developed and delivered negotiation training programmes for the CERN knowledge transfer and purchasing services, for the JRC Technology Transfer unit and for the PhD symposium of HEPTech. Bernard is also lecturing on project management at the Geneva School of Economics and Management, Geneva University.

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