Did you know that radon - a rare and naturally occurring radioactive gas - is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers? Radon is increasingly becoming a cause of concern for citizens, in particular in areas of higher concetration such as the mountainous regions of France, Switzerland and Norway.

More and more legistlation is enacted to reduce indoor radon levels, meaning that measuring indoor radon concentrations rapidly and accurately is becoming an important factor to mitgate radon's health risks.

Building on CERN's long-standing expertise in radiation protection, a very compact radon detector was developed, named RaDoM - for Radon Dose Monitor. RaDoM is unique in its design: a miniaturised pump imitates the human respiratory system, enabling accurate measurement of what is called the "effective long dose", the most accurate indicator of indoor radon health risks to human beings.

The project was selected by the AIDA-2020 Proof-of-Concept fund for its innovative nature and for showcasing the positive impact that Europe's detector R&D can have on citizens' every-day lives.

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