Ana Carolina Padua

Ana Carolina joined CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group in October 2019, working as a Knowledge Transfer Trainee in the Medical Applications Section, which aims to apply technologies developed at CERN to medical innovation.

Ana Carolina is a Biomedical Engineer graduated from the NOVA University in Portugal. During the last 5 years Ana Carolina has been involved in multidisciplinary scientific projects related to cell and tissue engineering, instrumentation, machine learning and biodevices, especially electronic noses.

Prior to joining CERN, Ana Carolina did an internship at Texas Advanced Computing Centre (Austin, USA) on high performance computing. Ana Carolina also worked has an intern at UNESP and at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) in two different fields: pharmacy and biosensors.

Ana Carolina has also been a volunteer in several non-profit organisations such as AIESEC, BEST, SIAM and GATO SA, and actively participated in diverse conferences, demonstrations, and public presentations in the last years.

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