Intellectual Property Expert Advice within CERN

To optimise knowledge transfer, CERN relies on the advice of IP law specialists within the Knowledge Transfer group. The group’s legal advisors provide support on contractual knowledge transfer matters as well as on general IP issues; primarily helping the knowledge transfer cases at hand with IP, but also providing input into all IP-related topics that may arise within CERN, such as in licensing of CERN material, procurement, or EU-funded projects.

Knowledge Transfer Training

In 2016, CERN continued to provide knowledge transfer training to its personnel, to raise awareness of the support systems in place to transfer their know-how to society. A new course was delivered with the tongue-in-cheek title of “Finding Happiness in Patent Information Databases” on how the wealth of technical information disclosed in patents worldwide can be an added value to colleagues involved in research and development.

Find out more about our training for CERN personnel here.

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