Anaïs Rassat

Anais is an advisor for the Industry, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer department, where she is working on strategy related to industry, whether related to CERN’s procurement activities or the business applications of CERN technology. In this role, she acts as a strategic advisor internally to management, and leads consultations internally and externally with key industry-related actors.

Anais was previously Head of Media and Digital Communications (2020-2022), where she led all external facing communication activities for CERN related to media relations, social media, digital editing, and web presence and acted as Head of Crisis Communication and CERN spokesperson. In this role she led a team of 15+ professionals, including a technical team, and coordinated freelancers and links with external agencies. Anais joined CERN in 2016 as Head of Industry Communication and Marketing, where she focused on business applications of CERN technology, procurement, and activities related to CERN’s EU Projects Office. 

Anais holds a PhD in Astrophysics and worked for 12 years in research where she published original research in international journals, with a special focus on the Euclid Space Telescope, now a recognised experiment at CERN, and which launched in July 2023. Anais has “builder status” in the Euclid Consortium, for which she coordinated scientific and communication work packages and teams for over 10 years. She is a graduate from the Universities of London and Cambridge.