A Long-term Relationship with Knowledge Transfer - Meet Alessandra Lombardi


Application Domains

Alessandra Lombardi, Senior Accelerator Physicist at CERN (Beams Department - BE), is working on a daily basis with hadron sources and Linacs for CERN’s Accelerator Complex. While this is her main focus, Lombardi has also been an important contributor to CERN’s projects in the feld of accelerators for medical purposes.

Alessandra Lombardi was part of the team who designed a new High-Frequency Radio Frequency Quadruple (RFQ), to be used in hospitals for treating cancer. With assistance from the Knowledge Transfer group, a patent was filed for the RFQ and then the technology was licensed to the CERN spin-of company ADAM (Applications of Detectors and Accelerators to Medicine), which is now part of Advanced Oncotherapy. Lombardi has continuously supported ADAM with testing and commissioning. A modifed version of the RFQ design, PIXE-RFQ, is currently developed in collaboration with INFN for use in arts analysis.

Alessandra and Maurizio Vretenar (Accelerators & Technology Sector – ATS) are also coordinating a newly launched study for future ion therapy facilities. This initiative follows in the wake of the Proton Ion Medical Machine Study (PIMMS), carried out at CERN between 1996 and 2000. PIMMS was the basis for the construction of two ion-therapy centres - CNAO in Italy, followed by MedAustron in Austria. By always striving to find matching funds for the projects she is involved in, Alessandra has received several rounds of funding from the CERN Knowledge Transfer Fund and from the CERN Medical Applications budget line. In addition, she is an active member of the Medical Applications Project Forum (MAPF), meeting once a month with other CERN medical applications experts to discuss the status of on-going activities, to explore new avenues, and to develop synergies.

Alessandra has interacted with the CERN Knowledge Transfer group through many of its activities, whether through funding opportunities or intellectual property support. Her expertise and contributions have also amplifed the reach of the group’s activities, and helped promote the transfer of CERN’s know-how and technology beyond high-energy physics. 

“Working with the Knowledge Transfer group has been an interesting and enriching discovery, and I am looking forward to continuing it.”

Alessandra Lombardi, Senior Accelerator Physicist at CERN.