Colnec: a real-time collaborative platform dedicated to people with chronic diseases


Application Domains

Colnec Health is a French-Swiss start-up developing innovative e-health solutions with the aim of improving the overall well-being of people affected by chronic diseases. The start-up is behind the medical application Colnec®, designed to monitor clinical and behavioral data of patients real-time. This leads to a deeper understanding of the evolution of a patient’s condition, in addition to allowing caregivers to accurately evaluate the current health status and tailor treatments.


In order achieve its goal, Colnec® has developed a collaborative healthcare web and a mobile platform linking patients and healthcare providers with the purpose of jointly establishing a tailored healthcare plan. The up-to-date stream of information gathered through the platform enables the user to reach self-care objectives thanks to a precise, updated and shared collection of health data.


“The Colnec Health project was born from my professional experience working with caregivers and patients. My ambition is to build a network to improve patient’s day to day care, make them autonomous while facilitating the work of health professionals”

Yves Mboda, Founder and CEO at Colnec Health.


Colnec Health entered the French Business Incubator Centre (BIC) of CERN Technologies in 2017, located at the Saint-Genis Pouilly Technoparc. Through a consultancy agreement, CERN intends to support Colnec Health with expertise in the field of storage technologies and grid middleware. The agreement also entails a contribution related to the validation of the start-up’s system architecture and technical choices for the design, the implementation and the development of the platform.