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KT Fund selection process

Submitted project proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Possible impact (technology addressing key societal issues, breadth of affected public)
  • Probability of dissemination (assessed market potential, identified partners, established user community);
  • Project proposal quality (clear project description, deliverable and milestones).

Project proposals will be reviewed by the KT Fund committee.

The committee is composed by:

  • The Head of Finance, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer Department (chairman)
  • All Department Heads,
  • The KT Group Leader,
  • The KT Deputy Group Leader
  • The Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management Section Leader.

The committee will assess and rank project proposals meeting the prerequisites.

The decision to fund a project will be based on the ranking of the project, the requested budget and the available fund in the KT Fund.

The decision of the KT Fund committee will be make public on the KT website.

The beneficiaries of the KT Fund will be notified in due time.