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Rapid bellows compression tool

Rapid bellows compression tool


Where fast, easy and precise installation/removal of metallic bellows is needed, typically in series installation and preventive maintenance operations, the rapid bellow compression tool is used.

This technique allows fast axial compression/expansion of bellows using two concentric articulated collars permitting quick opening and closing around the bellow. Due to synchronized rotation of four threaded rods, the two articulated collars move parallel one to the other. The operator originates the rotation using serrated rollers, a crank or a motor.

It can be adapted to different bellows that vary in shape and diameter, located in poor accessibility areas or requiring controlled compression and precise mounting.

Area of Expertise



  • HVAC piping systems
  • Vacuum and High-vacuum Technology
  • General Engineering
  • Bellows Used as Couplings
  • Solar Technology
  • Slip Ring Seal Fittings
  • Shaft Seals
  • Volume/Pressure Compensation

Innovative Features

  • Articulated collars surrounds the bellow
  • Articulated collars move parallel one to the other
  • Operated using serrated rollers, a crank or a motor


  • Tool can fit almost any kind of bellow


  • Fast installation, the new system is one piece
  • Holds on the entire circumference of the bellow
  • Uniform compression of the bellow
  • Three different ways of manipulation to obtain compression/expansion


The new system may require more space compared to existing solutions.

Intellectual Property Status

Patent application filed under the number EP 12179567.8 and it will be published on February 7th, 2014.

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