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To overcome limitations in spatial resolution of gamma cameras, the Crystal Clear Collaboration at CERN has developed and patented a technology for a gamma camera based on a double layer LSO/LuYAP crystal detector (PHOSWICHconfiguration). In combination with common position sensitive read out devices such as photomultipliers and APDs, this setup offers a depth-of-interaction (DOI) reconstruction of the impact point of the incident photon by signal shape analysis.

Area of expertise

Detectors and Instrumentation


  • Medical Imaging
  • Biology
  • Life sciences

Innovative features

  • Reconstruction of DOI (depth of interaction) of the incident photon through a double layer LSO/LuYAP crystals in phoswich configuration
  • High sensitivity
  • High spatial resolution

Intellectual Property status

This technology was developed and patented in the framework of the Crystal Clear Collaboration at CERN and available for licensing. For the domain of biology and medical imaging, it is currently marketed by Raytest France in ClearPET©, a PET scanner machine for studies on small animals.

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