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Palladium thin-film coatings


The surface oxide layer is formed by most metals which are exposed to ambient air. This surface layer prevents any further gas adsorption. Repeated air exposure-activation cycles progressively enrich the film of the getter with oxygen, reducing its performance and shortening its operating life. The palladium coating overcomes this inconvenience. Furthermore palladium coating provide a low electron-stimulated desorption yield even without activation. Palladium coating allows obtaining reversible pumping without a thick passivation layer is formed.

Please see related information here on Non-evaporable getter (NEG) thin film coatings.

Areas of expertise

High and ultra-high vacuums; Surfaces and coatings.


  • Vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum chambers


  • Overlayerson NEG of Palladium coating allows the pumping of large amounts of H2.
  • Hydrogen transfer at lower temperature is made possible using Pd-Ag alloy.


Requires a high degree of know-how.

Intellectual Property status

Ready for licensing except for sputter-ion pumps. Patented technology, WO09837958.

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