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European Organization for Nuclear Research

Knowledge Transfer Opportunities


CERN’s technical expertise and most innovative technologies are available for scientific and commercial purposes through a variety of technology transfer opportunities.

R&D collaborations

CERN has a well-established tradition of collaboration with companies and research institutes, with the objective to generate technological results having a potential for commercial exploitation.  In this framework, the research goals are agreed and achieved through a collaborative contribution of technologies and/or resources.
Collaborative R&D projects can be developed in CERN’s areas of technical expertise, such as superconductivity to ultra-high vacuum, from detectors to ICT.
If you are interested in R&D projects based on a CERN technology, you are invited to contact us to discuss how to better establish a R&D collaboration.

Service and Consultancy

CERN’s expertise and cutting edge infrastructures represent a unique opportunity for companies and academics in need of a specific high-tech service.
Our experts in the many areas of technical excellence are available to provide professional advice or specific studies to your business.

Spin-off companies

CERN encourages the creation of new companies based on CERN technologies in the Member States.
The creation of spin-off companies is also fostered through incubation centres:
In April 2012 CERN and STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council in the UK) announced the launch of a new Business Incubation Centre at the STFC’s Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus.


CERN grants licences to commercial and academic partners for the exploitation of its technologies.

A selection of these technologies is available through CERN Easy Access IP, a royalty free licence.
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