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CERN Easy Access IP

CERN Easy Access IP is a new opportunity to benefit of CERN’s Intellectual Property.

The scheme involves making some of CERN’s technologies available free of royalties, released only to partners who can best develop them to benefit the economy and society.
If you would like to know more about CERN Easy Access IP or other technology transfer opportunities, please contact CERN’s Technology Transfer Office.


The following technologies are available under the CERN Easy Access IP scheme:

3D Magnetic sensor calibrator

This is an innovative device for calibrating magnetic field with high resolution. The technology measures all three axes of the magnetic field, by performing a scan over the full unit sphere, independent of its orientation relative to the magnetic field.

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This device enables low-loss RF power transmission in a waveguide across a gap, where a liftable instrument is positioned.

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The Thermally insulatable vessel is a simple container system for hot substances, incorporating a temperature display within the vessel’s cap or lid.

The key element in this technology is an integrated infra-red thermometer developed with Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems on a common silicon substrate through micro fabrication technology.

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Easy Access IP was first trialled by Easy Access Initiative, a collaborative project between the University of Glasgow, King’s College London and the University of Bristol.

CERN Easy Access IP Exclusive Licence agreement
CERN Easy Access IP Non-Exclusive Licence agreement