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CRISTAL, a distributed data management, is a Java description-driven system to manage data and process information for business process life cycle management. It provides a radically new strategy to implement new or to adapt existing business process systems in real time. Based on a meta-data approach, CRISTAL enables the tracking of product and process evolution in distributed environments all over the product life cycle. Business systems in many application domains can be defined, configured and instantiated to support the complete process lifecycle suitable for any evolving business process execution.

Area of expertise

Information Technology


Business process management and business application monitoring.

Innovative features

  • Dynamic and real time business process configuration during process execution.
  • Tracking of multiple product and process systems in one business system.
  • Compliant with highly distributed IT landscapes.
  • Scalable to large and complex production systems.

Intellectual Property status

Licensed to AGILIUM. Ready for licensing in the following domain: diagnostics and drug discovery in the healthcare industry.

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