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Compact Universal Orbital Cutter

Compact Universal Orbital Cutter

Developed during CERN’s first Long Shutdown, this orbital cutting machine has been designed to cut a broad range of pipes of different diameters and materials located in places which are particularly difficult to access. Once mounted on a pipe, the cutter operates autonomously without manual assistance, making it suitable to cut pipes which present health hazards, such as radioactively contaminated pipes.


  • High energy physics laboratories
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Oil and gas industry


  • Autonomous cutting, driven by hydraulic motor
  • Flexible diameter (from 100 to 1200 mm)
  • Adaptable circular saw for pipes of different thicknesses and materials

IP Status

  • Know-how
  • Detailed design and schematics

Technology Readiness Level

  • First generation 
  • Prototype


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