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Compact cryogenic cooling pump


This technology is a compact cryogenic pumping system for circulating small amounts of re-condensed cryogens in the ml/s range.
Cryocoolers are widely used to cool samples, sensors or superconducting magnets. Often, a first stage provides the cooling for a thermal shield surrounding the cold head, the condensate storage vessel, and/or the object to be cooled. A second stage supplies the cold head. All may be placed in a cryostat. Often, the object is integrated into a larger unit and cannot be placed in a cryostat, cannot be directly connected to the cold head, is located remotely or in an environment that is not directly accessible. The invention relates to a compact and robust pumping system that is capable of providing a constant flow of a cryogenic liquid or gas to a remote load. It can be integrated into a standard cooling system, e.g. it may be directly coupled to the cold head of a cryocooler.

Area of expertise

Cryogenic Technology


This technology could be used together with cryocoolers able to re-cool and or re-condense fluids, in particular liquid helium, circulated to a “user”. It can also be applied to temperature ranges above the cryogenic. Well suited for cooling of remote objects, which may include:
• Sensors
• Superconducting magnets


• Can circulate small amounts of re-condensed cryogens in the ml/s range and below.
• Allows the expansion of part of the fluid, providing a temporary cooling of the fluid beneficial for its functioning.
• Can also be applied to temperature ranges above the cryogenic, i.e. the low temperature and possibly also to even higher temperatures.


Limited pumping capacity (ml/s range)

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Patent application filed.

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