CERN Accelerating science

European Organization for Nuclear Research

Our Mission

The Knowledge Transfer Group has the mission to optimize the impact of CERN’s science, technology and know-how on society.


Our Services

Provide an active service to the Organization managing and advising on every aspect related to technology transfer and intellectual property management (evaluate invention disclosures, protect intellectual property, manage the patent portfolio, negotiate licensing and contractual agreements, promote technologies, and provide legal advice on intellectual property issues).

Promote, design and coordinate multidisciplinary activities relevant to life sciences applications.

Communicate CERN’s positive impact on society by raising awareness on positive examples on knowledge transfer through technologies, networks and people.


Promote within CERN a culture of inventiveness for technology applications, a motivation to establish intellectual property and a willingness to collaborate with industry and relevant research laboratories.

Create knowledge exchange opportunities with CERN’s key stakeholders (Member States’ governmental bodies, the European Commission, industry, public and private research institutes, universities, international Organizations.)

Create, organize and develop networks for providing information and maintaining relationships with industry, other research organizations, government agencies and academia.