Find out more below about how CERN technologies and know-how have impact in the fields of safety, enviroment, industry 4.0 and emerging technologies.

  • B-RAD: Ensuring Radiation Safety in Strong Magnetic Fields
    Initially developed for use by CERN's radiation protection group and the fire brigade, CERN's B-RAD portable radiation survey meter uses innovative solutions based on silicon photomultipliers to continue operating in the presence of high magnetic fields.
  • FLUKA: Particle Simulations at Your Fingertips

    In 2016, there were eleven requests for FLUKA licences. Mainly from companies performing shielding studies, but also from some in the field of safety, inspection and auditing that requested the technology, as well as companies working in radio-protection related to dismantling activated... Read full project

  • Power Converters in Extreme Conditions
    Industry has turned to CERN's expertise to assist with industrialisation of power converters.

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