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Bridging the gap

Every year thousands of undergraduate and PhD students from all over the world come to CERN to take part in a unique scientific enterprise.

Working in close collaboration with senior physicists and engineers, young scientists can benefit from a unique training opportunity in a truly multicultural environment.

CERN engages in training the scientists of tomorrow in a wide variety of opportunities, establishing successful collaborations with other research institutes and with the European Commission.

CERN is currently involved with a number of Framework Programme 7 (FP7) People projects, where young researchers from around the world come to CERN and receive training to enhance their career prospect through the Marie Curie fellowship program.

The ACEOLE project

One of the Marie Curie Fellowship Programme successfully implemented at CERN is the ACEOLE project, an Initial Training Network program offering research training in the fields of advanced microelectronics, optoelectronics, networking and real-time data processing technologies in particle detector systems.

The Programme was initiated in 2008 to train young researchers in acquiring the technical know-how and experience of working in large collaborations, as well as equipping them with the right set of complementary skills to advance their career

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