What conditions should my proposed project meet?

In order to be considered for funding, projects should meet the following conditions:

  • The project proposal must be approved by the Department Head;
  • The salary cost of staff members involved in the project are covered by the Department;
  • The project is based on CERN technology;
  • The Intellectual Property (IP) required to execute the project is owned or co-owned by CERN and there is no conflict over the IP required to execute the project.

How to submit a project

Projects proposals must be submitted to KT (KT-Fund@cern.ch) and will be evaluated by the KT Fund Selection Committee (CERN Department Heads). Please use the KT Fund submission form covering the following elements:

Project description:

  • The CERN technology on which the project is based
  • Deliverables
  • Schedule and key milestones
  • Organization (roles and responsibilities, key competencies)
  • Overall financial planning and requested budget

Market potential or user community:

  • Field of application
  • Competing technologies
  • Identified and/or potential commercial partners, identified user community

Project holders may request the support of KT experts in market analysis and to help assess the dissemination potential of the related technology.

To request support, please write to KT-Fund@cern.ch

Submission procedure

If you wish to submit a proposal we invite you to follow the below listed steps:

  • Fill in the CERN Knowledge Transfer Fund submission form
  • Contact the Knowledge Transfer group to have your proposal evaluated regarding it eligibility
  • After approval of from the Knowledge Transfer group, please print and sign your proposal and send it back to the KT-Fund@cern.ch
  • The Knowledge Transfer group will contact your department to received your Department Head's signature

Presentation in front of the Selection Committee

After approval of your Department Head, the Knowledge Transfer group will get back to you with an invitation to the next CERN Knowledge Transfer Selection Committee meeting.

During this meeting you will need to:

  • give a short oral presentation on your proposal (usually around 5-10 min);
  • answer questions from the Committee members concerning your proposal.

Should you be unable to present yourself you can nominate a replacement.

Outcome of the Selection Committee

After your presentation the Selection Committee will evaluate your proposal based on the following aspects: Proposal Quality, Dissemination Probability, Possible Impact and Scientific / Technical Value.

The Selection Committee will rate every proposal and will come to a final conclusion which of all submitted projects they estimate worth being funded. The applicants will be informed about their decision by e-mail a few weeks after the KT Fund Selection Committee Meeting.

To request support please write to KT-Fund@cern.ch


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