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FAQ on Knowledge Transfer for CERN's inventors

  • What is knowledge transfer?

  • How long does the knowledge transfer process take?

  • Why does CERN protect some intellectual property through patenting?

  • Where can I find CERN's patents?

  • Why was the WWW not patented?

  • Will I be able to publish the results of my research and still protect the commercial value of my intellectual property?

  • How is the money coming from Knowledge Transfer activities distributed?

  • Who decides on the opportunity to file a patent?

  • How much does a patent cost? Who covers this cost?

  • Who owns the IP of my invention?

  • Shouldn’t all CERN inventions be public since CERN is a public organization?

  • How can I submit a technology disclosure?

  • How can I get help on KT and IP matters?

  • Is any financial support available to help me develop my invention further?

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