Fellowship for a Communication & Marketing Officer, CERN Knowledge Transfer Group


We have a fellowship open in the CERN Knowledge Transfer group for a Communication & Marketing Officer, reporting to the current Communication & Marketing Officer. The main stakeholders include: industry (multinationals, SMEs, the entrepreneurship community), policy makers, the CERN community and the general public. The activities relate to current projects described on http://kt.cern.


Tasks & responsibilities include:

- Contribute to the development and maintenance of the CERN Knowledge Transfer communication & marketing strategy, geared towards industry and external/internal stakeholders.

- Lead the different stages of communication projects of the CERN Knowledge Transfer group;

- Create and update communication and marketing material, as agreed with the current Communication and Marketing Officer: presentations, slides, websites, newsletters, posters, social media campaigns, brochures, audio-visual material, editing and proof-reading;

- Science and technology writing (news items, articles);

- Collect technical information on CERN technology projects, and on the Knowledge Transfer group activities, e.g.: Business Incubation Centres, Patents, Licensing, links with industry, entrepreneurial support, startups related to CERN technology and CERN technology R&D;

- Contribute to the evaluation and monitoring of the CERN Knowledge Transfer communication and marketing activities, including monthly, quarterly and project reports;

- Share resources and assist with other communication and marketing activities in the IPT department, including work on annual reports.


Required skills and background:

- Several years of experience in communication and/or marketing related to science, technology, industry, knowledge and technology transfer, entrepreneurial activities and innovation management;

- Proven experience in several of the following fields: website maintenance; content creation (writing, presentations, audiovisual material and marketing material); developing communication plans; digital marketing; graphic design software (e.g., InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, …); social media; campaigns; evaluation and monitoring of communication and marketing plans; report writing; event organisation; public relations; public understanding of science; science communication.

- Excellent organisational skills and the ability to manage simultaneously several projects with different timelines;

- Must be proficient in English (mother tongue or equivalent), proficiency in French is also an advantage.

- A degree in one or more of the following fields: science; engineering; communication; marketing; business.  


Application Process

Please apply through the CERN Fellowship Programme, either for a:

  • Senior fellowship: if you have a PhD, or at least 4 years’ relevant experience since the completion of your MSc (or the equivalent diploma which gives access to doctoral programmes), and in both cases a maximum limit of 10 years’ experience after completion of your MSc. Senior fellows receive a stipend ranging from 7,039 to 7,994 Swiss Francs per month (net of tax).
  • Junior fellowship:  You have graduated, or are about to graduate, with a university degree (BSc or MSc level) and have no more than 4 years’ relevant experience after obtaining your degree. Junior fellows receive a stipend ranging from 5,185 to 6,438 Swiss Francs per month (net of tax).

For further inquiries regarding the application process, please feel free to contact anais.rassat@cern.ch


Training Value

- Learn more about Knowledge Transfer activities and tools at the laboratory where the world-wide web was invented, and how CERN uses them to maximise its positive impact on society;

- Learn about technology developed at CERN, from the fields of accelerators, detectors, digital sciences, and more. Learn about the applications of CERN technology, in the field of medtech, biotech, aerospace applications, sustainability and more;

- Liaise and expand your network with experts in science, technology, industry and science communication, within CERN’s 22 Member States.


03 September 2018

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