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BIC Network

Map of the network of BICs of CERN Technology.

A network of Business Incubation Centres (BICs) of CERN technologies has been established to assist entrepreneurs and small high-tech businesses in taking innovative technologies from technical concept to market reality using CERN technologies or expertise.

The BICs support the development and exploitation of innovative ideas in technical fields broadly related to CERN activities in high-energy physics, such as, detectors, cooling technology and high-performance computing.

CERN contributes to the transfer of technology and know-how through technical visits to CERN, support to the companies in the BIC and preferential-rate licensing of CERN intellectual property. The BIC manager provides office-space, expertise, business support, access to local and national networks and support in accessing financing. For a more comprehensive overview of what each BIC is offering, please see their individual webpages.

How to apply

The application details are specific for each BIC. For more information about the procedure, details and deadlines, please visit the webpage of the specific BIC.

Austria — Austria BIC of CERN technologies

The Austria BIC of CERN technologies is managed by accent Gründerservice GmbH and is located in Wiener Neustadt near Vienna.

More information about the Austrian BIC is available here.

Finland — Finnish BIC of CERN technologies

The Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP) is managing the Finnish BIC of CERN technologies.

More information about the Finnish BIC is available here

France — InnoGEX

InnoGEX is the French BIC of CERN technologies and located in the Saint-Genis Pouilly Technoparc.

More information about the French BIC is available here.

Greece — Technopolis BIC of CERN technologies

The Greek BIC of CERN technologies is managed by Technopolis Thessaloniki and is located at the Thessaloniki ICT Business Park.

More information about the Greek BIC is available here

Italy — Italian BIC "Research to Innovation" of CERN technologies

CERN and INFN will jointly set up a network of Italian BICs called the “Research to Innovation” (R2I) Network, composed of local offices in already established Italian BICs. The agreement was signed in June 2016.

Read more about the recent agreement signature here.

Norway — NTNU BIC of CERN technologies

The Norwegian BIC of CERN technologies is managed by The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is located at the NTNU campus in Trondheim.

More information about the Norwegian BIC is available here.


Spain — Spanish BIC of CERN technologies

The Spanish BIC of CERN technologies is managed by the Spanish Science Industry Association, INEUSTAR-Pioneers.

More information about the Spanish BIC is available here (in Spanish).

The Netherlands — NIKHEF-CERN BIC

The Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics (NIKHEF) manages the Dutch BIC of CERN technologies. The BIC is hosted at the Amsterdam Science Park.

More information about the Dutch BIC is available here (in Dutch).

United Kingdom — STFC-CERN BIC

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is managing the UK BIC. It is located across two sites: the Daresbury Laboratory on the Sci Tech Daresbury Campus in Cheshire (North-West England) and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories at Harwell in Oxfordshire.

More information about the UK BIC is available here.