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Hadron Therapy gains momentum in Europe

The European Network for LIGht ion Hadron Therapy holds its annual meeting in Marburg (Germany).

Members of ENLIGHT, the European Network for LIGht ion Hadron Therapy, gather in Marburg (Germany) for their annual meeting to review the recent developments in the field. ENLIGHT was set up in 2002 and funded by the EC in order to create a common platform for sharing data, information and best practices. Since 2006, the network continues without funding, and is co-ordinated by CERN’s Life Sciences Advisor Manjit Dosanjh.

The 2011 meeting marks also an important milestone for the ULICE project, which undergoes its Mid Term Review after two years of activities. The spotlight is on the recently implemented Transnational Access, which allows researchers to use the facilities and radiobiological and physics experiments to take place.

The Marburg meeting also dedicates half a day to presentations by the PARTNER researchers, summarising what the young professionals involved have achieved so far.



Knowledge Transfer Life Sciences Section

The first joint ICTR-PHE conference ("Uniting physics, biology and medicine for better health care") in February 2012.

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September 2011